About Dna-engineering.com
Carbon fibre solution for the Luxury vehicles world


Thank you for visiting DNA Engineering Co., Ltd. Established in Thailand in 2009, it is the result of a French Entrepreneur ideas and dreams generated by his passion for the luxurious and exclusive cars, the fascination for the composite technology, the admiration for the world-class aftermarket accessories and performances auto parts, the love for Thailand country and Peoples.

DNA-Engineering produce and supply dry carbon fiber auto parts, we also create the custom service called DNA Pro Series, we manufacture Our composite parts on different site location, in Europe or Asia.

Our professionalism and seriousness in the composite business come from the racing world heritage. In fact, we are involved worldwide in the GT3 car field for the last few years; those experiences guarantee our customers that they will get a premium product and that they will be in contact with technicians that knows racing, supercars technology, aerodynamic and riding setup, parts replacement and performance tuning.

During the last few years, we have produced autoclaved Pre-Preg dry carbon fibre parts for many re-seller on the internet, our product come as quality assurance as we use the best carbon fibre material. Our products are designed to replace the OEM part without any modification. Shall we handle your next composite project?

We specialized in the sector of activity as follow:

- Dry carbon fibre aerodynamics and aesthetics parts manufacturing

- Carbon fibre components restoration or repair service, for racing or road car application

- Interior parts carbon fibre lamination

- Alimunium custom high flow cooling radiator and intake system development and manufacturing

- Aluminium, magnesium flow forged wheel development and supply

We spread the DNA Engineering word:

Our partner teams are in North America, Europe and Asia zone. You own an automotive workshop, a car wrap company, a body repair and painting business or you plan to be a high-end parts provider for your automotive local As we are always looking for a new and extended partnership, do not hesitate to contact us to become a business buddy.