The Dna Collection
Carbon fibre solution for the Luxury vehicles world

We have a passion: to handcraft carbon fiber exteriors and interiors components to perfection for the most luxurious vehicles.


Satisfaction guarantee

Happy customers tell their friends and could bring you more client which will generate more business, then more income and benefits.
As we are looking to honest and reliable cooperation in business with our customers, we are dedicated to clear any trouble possible, communication is crucial, and every problem got a proper solution.

We are here to make a happy customer and grow the business together; we do not enjoy any conflict that will only result in a severe image for our company.

You have a question, a request; you need to speak about the product, do not hesitate to contact us ObscureMyEmail
Motorsport heritage

Our professionalism and seriousness in the composite business come from the racing world heritage. In fact, we are involved worldwide in the GT3 car field for the last few years; those experiences guarantee our customers that they will get a premium product and that they will be in contact with technicians that knows racing, supercars technology, aerodynamic and riding setup, parts replacement and performance tuning.
Your Self expression

We provide to our clients the unique experience to customise their aerodynamic, aesthetic exterior and interior components to bring their machine to a new level of uniqueness, that will represent their personality, in one word a self-expression.

To do so, we offer a selection of weaves, colours and finishes to suit their tastes.

OEM design part in dry carbon fibre

Our dry carbon fibre (prepreg) curing under heat and pressure to form strong as yet lightweight components.

In the motorsport world, we use the autoclaved pre-pregs so called the dry carbon fibre in high-class racing categories as Formula 1, Moto GP, LMP1, GT3, DTM and so on.